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I’m glowyote.

Who am I?

I’m glowyote! I’m a visual artist with a focus on anthro (“furry”) art. I’m lucky enough to live with girlfriend (my best friend and greatest supporter) in central California. Aside from drawing, I currently work full-time in the hospitality industry so that I can pay to study biochemistry and pursue my eventual goal of teaching at the university level.

What do I do?

As a visual artist, my main creative medium is drawing. I enjoy sketching and lineart as well as creative colorwork, and hope to expand and practice my skills in lineless drawings as well as work more with light and shadow. Though my range of subjects is fairly wide, the majority of my work centers around animals (both anthropomorphic and not), as I find that they’re an endlessly dynamic and emotive source.

As a furry artist, I enjoy character design and redesign. Stylistically, I like to base colors off of naturally-occurring colors in an animal, then complement it with vibrant accent colors. One of my favorite approaches to furry art is to take common ideas and reinvent them with new colors and design features, creating something new and exciting in the process.

As you can probably tell from my gallery, the vast majority of what I draw is anthro art. I enjoy making everything from simple icons to complete reference sheets, and my goal is to learn more with each picture I draw. Most of my work is the result of commissions; without the constant support of the wonderful people who I’m lucky enough to work with, none of this would be possible!

How do I do it?

Most of my work is done at my desk on the XP-Pen 22E Artist Pro, which I highly recommend. I find the large active area to be particularly useful when doing detail work.

Some of my art is done digitally using an iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil. This allows me to take my work anywhere I like and fill my few spare moments each day.  Though I do occasionally use Procreate for iOS (it has some really amazing brushes and its interface is really user-friendly!), I generally stick to the iOS version of AutoDesk Sketchbook, which I highly recommend.

For personal art (like landscapes and architecture), I mainly work with pencil and paper. I’m hoping to branch out eventually to digital painting and possibly vector graphics if time allows.