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Current deals

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Seasonal specials

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Set prices

These simple commission types have pre-set prices based on their size and finish. These prices are per-character.
halfbodywaist and above
fullbodyfull body
lineart sketchsketchy lines, no color
$15.00 $30.00 $45.00
lineart inkclean lines, no color
$20.00 $35.00 $50.00
flatcolorsmooth lines, solid colors
$30.00 $50.00 $70.00
shadedsolid colors with light and shadow
$35.00 $55.00 $75.00
linelesssolid color shapes instead of lines
$40.00 $60.00 $80.00

Variable prices


Refsheets serve as a reference for your original character, and can showcase your character's color palette, looks, and even personality. A refsheet base consists of a front, side, and back view of the character, as well as basic character information (name, age, and sex/gender). Add-ons allow for further customization, including references for specific anatomical details or accessories, more detailed character information, and extra views of the character.
Refsheet base $150.00


detailed info $15.00
facial expression(s) $20.00 per reference
anatomical reference(s) $15.00 per reference
accessory reference(s) $10.00 per reference
extra character view $40.00

Digital sticker packs

These packs of customizable 512 x 512px "stickers" are perfect for use on popular IM services (such as Telegram and Facebook). They're often used to replace standard emoticons. Each sticker that includes more than one character adds $10.00 to the overall price (maximum 2 characters per sticker).
3-pack $45.00
5-pack $60.00
10 or more $10.00 per sticker

Other charges and fees

Fees for tasks that require extra time and care (such as complex characters, accessories, or backgrounds) help ensure that I can always take the time to make high-quality work without rushing.
Background feeprice depends on complexity
$10.00 - $50.00
Original design feecharged for any original design or content
Complex design fee (charcter)charged for complex character designs
Complex design fee (non-character)charged for complex items / accessories